Wednesday, September 2, 2015

An Experiment with our Loganberries

Recently I thought I might try
using some of our Logan Berry juice from last Summer
(we still have some of our own stewed frozen berries that we grew
and picked about 5months ago)
to dye a few bits of lace and cotton that I was wanting to use
in a new book which is now almost finished.
So here is what they looked like boiling in a stainless steel
pot on top of our slow combustion stove.

 I poured off about 1/4 cup of the juice from the stewed berries,
then added this to a cup of water and boiled these
bits of cloth and lace pieces
for approx. 30 mins.

Because I was wanting to achieve a less bright and more muddy
colour I decided to add a few sprinkles of Dylon black
to the liquid.
I was quite happy with this colour

 but still playing I then popped the pieces into a pot
of diluted Parisian Essence.
My preference would have definitely been to use the
eco-dyeing method but time did not permit me
to experiment this time.

 I was quite happy with these results!

A potpourri of of altered shades of Loganberries and

this is how they are starting to look in combination with
other shades and colours in my new book.


 A blending of some favourite colour combinations
which I will share in my new journal soon!

 Yeah the sun is shining and the air is starting to warm up again
as Spring is waking up here.  I hope you are having some
lovely weather still where you are too!

 xox Suzy

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Shearing Day has arrived for our Gorgeous Angora Goats

In case you didn't know, the source of my 
mohair fibres which I love to dye
and use in my fabric/textile books,
I thought you might like to see these beautiful pets we have.

Today it is Shearing Day and as we await the arrival of our Shearer
I'll show you a few images before they lose their beautiful locks.

We know the goats are up in the top paddock so Jeff 
and Lilly (looking like a baby goat herself with her
own long curly locks - French poodle style!!!) 
walk up to bring them back down
to their little house and yard where they get shorn! 


I look over the fence and take a quick photo of the flowing creek


and one of the back garden which is slowly waking up
after a very long cold Winter! 


Behind those very large gums and tea tree bushes
is a wetland full of croaking frogs
after a week of almost solid rain.


 Here they all come running down the hill


starting to mill around to receive a treat

 You can get them to do almost anything you want with
the rattle of a bucket full of goat nuts.

Thank goodness!!!

 and now they are being led to their goat yard

 where they will get more treats and then wait for Mal,
our Shearer, to arrive to remove this fleece!

 It's so long and soft and silky.  I just love
to work with this stuff!!!
It is so beautiful to spin, dye, knit, crochet and sew with
which is my want of late and it has been used in
my latest book too which I am teaching at Creative Workshops.


 I'm sharing the link for you if you would like to read more
about this class.  Enrolments are open now.
 I have a free class as a GIVEAWAY in my previous post
if you would like to enter.

Thanks for all those who have entered.  I will be drawing a winner
before long
PLEASE leave your contact details as you may miss out
if you get drawn and I cannot contact you.

Love and hugs,
Suzy xox

Monday, August 24, 2015

Another Giveaway!

Dear Blogging friends
with the beginning of this new week I am offering
another GIVEAWAY
to celebrate my new on-class
at Creative Workshops

 and that is a free entry to my class

 where you will learn some new techniques using
paper, textiles, laces and embellishments


to create your own Fabric Lace Book / Journal.


***All you have to do is follow me here on my blog
and on this post, as well as,
leave me your full name and contact details
 so that I may contact you after the draw date
which will be:
Monday, 7th September.


This will give you a chance to use all of your favourite
images, fabrics, laces, textiles, jewellery and embellishments
that you have been collecting 
in creating a book that you will absolutely
love and perhaps become
a keepsake!!!

Good luck everyone!!!
and I have one more surprise after this!!! 

and I wish you all a wonderful week ahead!

xox   Suzy

Monday, August 17, 2015

The Winner of My Fabric and Embellishment Kit Giveaway

Most of my blog readers know by now
that I am offering an on-line workshop on
how to create your very own
Fabric Lace Book / Journal
with Gail Schmidt at Creative Workshops

which commences on 15th September
(only 4 weeks away now!) 
to this end I offered this Fabric and Embellishment Kit
as some inspiration for you to enrol.

Well I am now proud to announce that the Winner is:
Mary Ann at

Mary Ann is an avid crafter and her loved
areas of creativity, amongst others, are
crazy patchwork, embroidery and doll making
you just never know she may even now be inspired
to take up journal making!!!

So please email me and I will post this parcel of goodies
off to you!

Now I will be offering yet another Giveaway coming up
shortly so keep your eyes glued to this blog
for another chance!!!
These little incentives are for you to keep those creative juices flowing.

Thank you so very much for coming here and leaving
your kind comments. You are all so much

xox Suzy

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